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 post-production note 

Production Schedule

Duration: 1-3mins
First Cut: 5working days
Video Revise: 3working days

Before Editing, client please provide the items below:

1.Editing requirement

We have a editing requirement list to help you express your request, OR
Our editor will base on his professional judgment and client's information to edit the video.
Have no ideas? Feel free to talk about the video structure with our producer.

2.Logo/Caption Keing

You may like to add Logo or Caption to indicate different parts or interviewees in your video.
Please give us all the text and tell us the parts that you would like to add on the video.
We can provide some templates for your choice or welcome to provide us if you have one.

3.Opening Flip/End Flip

Format: .psd/.ai (with separated layers)
Resolutions: 1920X1080(HD)
OR all the content, graphics and instructions for the composition and flip's order.

4.Video Revision

We provide 3 times revises service for every video.
You can fill the editing revise list for the video comments, OR
talk to our producer for the revise details.
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