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Hello Kitty in Oz: The Lost Chapter

Client: Dimension+
Creative: Oh!Deer
Director: German Cheuk
Art Director: Au Ching
Gaffer: Kriz Cheung
Editor: German Cheuk


The storyline is: Oz becomes mess because of Kitty destroy one of the pages of the book, player will need to go into the Oz and fix the world.


Player will have a piece of Kitty Wizard with an assigned character: Lion, Scarecrow or Tin-man. During the whole process, player would use the Kitty Wizard and make alliance with the other three characters. If the player would alliance with all other three character, it will has the bonus point in the final stage! Player will need to take different challenges including Lion's forest to train the courage, Tin-man's house to find and inject the heart and Scarecrow's home to train the guts, with three more small games: a Tarot card memory game in Wizard's tent, corn BBQ at Corn's storage and wood cropping at the garden, then will get into the Emerald City. Meeting the MC-Escher like castle, the player will reach the final stage. In this stage, player will need to fix the book in order to fix the world of Oz. Score will be stored in the Kitty Wizard, player would gear up with accessories by spending the scores!

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