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The moment - story of Polaroid repair specialist

MiNT Polaroid Warranty Center asked us to produce a short film to promote the Polaroid.


"The moment", the story is originated from the precious moment of our Polaroid repair specialist - "KT". In the movie, he will show us how Polaroid SX-70 connected with his family. How to define "The precious moment"? How to describe that delicate moment with words. So ,let the movie lead us back to his memory and let us experience it by our-self. This short movie is also dedicated to KT who have served in vintage camera restoration for half of the century and continue the era of Polaroid through the mainstream of digital world. 


At the same time, we want to share another story of the SX-70' s inventor - "Edwin Land". The idea of instant photography was Inspired by his three year old daughter, who had asked him why she couldn't see a photo he had taken of her right away, SX-70 was used to be a gift for his daughter at 18 years old birthday on 1970. Unfortunately, this SX-70 was invented at 1972. At that time, SX-70 had made a big impact to instant photography. 


After the invention of instant photography. Polaroid exist in every precious moment among all of us. From the first day of a baby from birth, every image behind Polaroid film was the joy of father watching his dear daughter growing up day by day. At the moment of daughter graduated from school, wedding ceremony in the church, Polaroid always been there and preserve every treasurous by film.


Polaroid is another form of "The cherished moment" . Although the photo maybe not be perfect, but the very moment captured by it is invaluable. that why we need treasure every shot made by our lovely Polaroid .


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